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OMTD- App-UI question

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Guest | January 15, 2018 11:17 am

Dear people at OpenMinTeD, 

I am preparing a proposal for the call. However also after reading the instructions I'm unsure what exactly it means to implement the integration of software or components into the OpenMinTeD infrastructure. We have code working in R ready, and want to make it available via OpenMinTeD with a user interface. Would the application run on the OpenMinTeD platform? Can we build our own user interface, or should we use the OpenMinTeD interface, and in that case how can we work with the OpenMinTeD user interface code? 

Looking forward to your answer, 
Kind regards, 
Tessa Pronk


----->Sent to Stefania and Antonis, 16th January


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Formed an email, asked Antonis and Stefania, Penny and Dimitris for feedback to sent it!



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Dear Androniki,
Thank you very much for your explanation.
As time was running out, I have already submitted my proposal “Method for the supervised classification of texts” for the tender at OpenMinTed.
I’ll share these specifications as you lay them out with the developers, if the proposal is successfully granted. Should we need to elaborate the submitted proposal to take into account these points more specifically before a decision can be reached, I’ll be more than glad to do this.
Kind regards,
Tessa Pronk
Dr. ir. Tessa E. Pronk | Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht Academische Diensten | Informatie- en Dataspecialist |Heidelberglaan 3, kamer 2.16 | Postbus 80124, 3508 TC Utrecht | tel. 06 24865740 | | | | Aanwezig: ma/wo/vr 8.30-17.30 di/do 9.00-14.30
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From: Androniki Pavlidou [] 
Sent: dinsdag 23 januari 2018 17:34
To: Pronk, T.E. (Tessa)
Cc: Marta Villegas; Montserrat Marimon; Martin Krallinger; Penny Labropoulou
Subject: Reply from OpenMinTeD project regarding the Open Call for Software
Dear Mrs Pronk,
thank you for contacting the OpenMinTeD team and for being interested on the Call for Software.
Answers on your inquiry follow. Please feel free to contact us again.
As a first step, we suggest you take a look at the guidelines of OpenMinTeD:, and more specifically the following pages that give more information for your case:
-          the image at the home page shows the architecture of OpenMinTeD and the functionalities of the platform
-          the section for software providers :
As described in this section:
If you wish to share TDM software through the OpenMinTeD platform, you must
·         provide access to an executable of the software in one of the ways specified in the next sections (see below), and
·         register the software in the OpenMinTeD registry with a metadata record compliant with the OMTD-SHARE schema, at least at the minimal level.
 There are, therefore, three ways you can provide TDM software in OpenMinTeD:
·         components compatible with UIMA2 or GATE3 frameworks can be uploaded in the Maven Central repositoryand registered by declaring the respective Maven coordinates which uniquely specify their location; dockerization for these components is undertaken by OpenMinTeD;
·         components or applications created with other technologies or other TDM-related frameworks must be packaged and registered directly as Docker images;
·         web services (applications/components) which are installed and maintained outside the OpenMinTeD platform must be registered with the URL that specifies their location. The client that communicates with the web service is implemented by OpenMinTeD.
We think the second option, i.e. registering apps/components via Docker images, might be the most appropriate one for your case – but you can also check other options. 
In addition, please note that it's imperative that all apps/components support at least the following data formats, given that OpenMinTeD has endorsed the use of
  • the XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) format, specifically the representation of a UIMA CAS to encode annotations on text in particular when exchanging data between components within a workflow and
  • the WebAnnotation standard to make annotations produced by OpenMinTeD workflows accessible to third parties and to encode annotations above the text level, e.g. on document/collection level.
Last, please note that everything should be registered and run in the OpenMinTeD platform. So, we are not sure what you mean by making the codes available "with a user interface". Users browse and view components/apps, select and run them via the OpenMinTeD interface.
In order to further support you, we also need some clarifications:
-          What is the application/code you mention, doing? Could you please describe its function?
-          What is the output of it?
-          Is it an application as we describe it in OpenMinTeD (i.e. an application that can be run-as-is by end users, e.g. "extraction of person names", "extraction of proteins", "annotation of data citations" etc.) or a TDM component (i.e. piece of software that can be combined with other pieces in order to create an end-user application, e.g. "reader", "part-of-speech tagger", "parser" etc.).
Kind regards,

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